Saturday, April 18, 2009

Surely Conspicay People are Not Telling the Truth

Strange the US will not attend a conference because of, Israel it is strange, accusing the US of being the father of Israel is wrong, the controller seems to be Israel. To me it is strange, do Jews truly control these countries to that extent, that nobody can criticize Israel. To think I once thought that Israel was the victim, this is blatant sign of being controlled, the Jews where never the victim, I am beginning to doubt it, the first thing to control is the media and the government, why would a victim feel guilty. True, I thought they where victims, maybe they just wanted to control, no wonder everybody was making money out of racism and apartheid, a victim would not exploit blacks like that. Harper based his whole election on Israel not on what he would do for Canada, I was amazed.

It can not be true that to publish in an Anglo Saxon controlled journal you must quote Anglo Saxons, and to publish in a Jewish controlled journal you must quote Jews. They are the same, they all want to control the world, that means, Hitler, the Jews, the Anglo Saxons, the French, and they all accuse each other of stuff, that may or may not be true seeing as they all behave the same. I did say Obama is a puppet for the elite, they want to say to be black and succeed do not think, just do as we say. Obama is no different from the others, I warned people.

Please leave North Korea, it like Israel has done no wrong, both conflicts I don't care but you can't then complain about the other, I geuss telling the truth means the end of me, but North Korea can not be criticized, they have taken nothing from nobody using the logic of the elite, Oh my God, no wonder they stole my work, I was not capable of being their puppet, Okay Udi from Google, you thought of a Unit of knowledge, you the light of the world, you who invented everything, take my work say it is yours, i am sorry, I thought you meant that free speech stuff and that free market stuff, i did not know you wanted to steal the work and claim you coined everything, what is the difference betweem you, Hitler, Anglo Saxon, you where never a vuictim, would you steal peoples minds if you where just like the Anglo saxons, Frenchm Germans, who did it because they where afraid that everybody thinks the same, control the, you deserve each other.

There will be those who read this and accuse me of hypocrisy, but I am not ashamed for having supported Israel, I thought they where the victim, obviously I was wrong

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