Friday, April 17, 2009

North American Car Industry and Soccer

5 minutes ago I was listening to some professor from Rotman Business school in Toronto talking about Chryslers need to cut wages and increase labor productivity on the Business Network, sometimes boredom will lead you to do all sorts of things, there is a good movie on another channel, but I have seen it.. These guys are not in touch with reality the industry or the professors who advise them.

The North American industry is productive, the labor variable at the least. That is not the problem, it’s the designers and engineers, they all need to be fired, the boards need to be all replaced. The management is garbage, not the labor component. But the elitist society of North America can’t see that, they can not see they make bad motor vehicles, so they demand more from labor when labor is giving everything.

The North American car industry is like watching a skillful soccer player who shows off his skills rather than score goals. Here look at this Jeep, look at this Hummer, great cars if I was going bush bashing, but not to take me to work. After the match they are down 5 – 0 but the drunkards at the bar say wow man, did you see that skill, did you see that Jeep, what about the Hummer, great skill but they where just dribbling themselves whilst the guys who meant business, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai went for the goals.

Now when the game is almost over, General Motors suddenly says hey, its time to score goals here is an Aveo but it is all too late, where was the Aveo in 1985, 1990, 2005, its too late, the other guys are already 5 – 0 up. Build better cars and stop blaming labor, the entire management team needs to be replaced including the secretaries and receptionists, maybe some of that elitism would rub off.

In part there is some racism, they would mock the little cars from those yellow monkeys and build Jeeps and Hummers calling them real man’s cars. Real man have to work they don’t have time to go bush bashing. A bit more Aveo’s dummy, play to win not to show off to impress us drunkards, sure we will cheer you on, but so.

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