Monday, April 6, 2009

Seeds of Destruction by Paul Smith

I do not particularly like reading novels, however if somebody gives me something to read I will do my best to read it. This friend gave me a book to read, Paul Smith's "Seeds of Destruction". It shows you how this work works well with a bit of fiction, a lot of fiction. But it is shocking this authors view, almost reality the way the Western world operates. Apparently Paul Smith is a successful British fashion designer , it’s about contacts not talent in most instances.

It’s scary but you will understand why the banks in America and Britain received trillions, and why it is difficult now with all the regulation to be a businessman unlike the 1900’s – 1960’s.

Ladies and Gentleman, if this is reality its bad, believe me, a free market is the only way, let people test their talents, these ones who control the academia, the newspapers the military, the banks, surely people like Paul Smith who discuss this Fascism, Communism of present day global powers can not be right.

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