Monday, June 15, 2009

Dambisa Moyo

Happened to be watching CBC the other day and they were talking with a certain economist Dambisa Moyo. She is not original in her work, just the first to get prominent backing from the ‘cosmopolitan’. I must say I agree with a lot of her work, but she has no real solution. Mind you, there are many who have said her argument, that the media and therefore the those that pay the adverts like her,should not distract the fact that many have put forward her argument, but at the least they had a solution.

What disturbed me about this Mink Debate when it was shown on CBC was how even though they have said here is your spokesman they still try to pigeon her. Whilst she was trying to formulate a general principle on Africa, the white guest was trying to make her talk specifically about Zambia, why, I do not know. They keep trying this divide and rule.

She needs to develop her theory more and realize a lot about the illusion of the world and the educational institutions of the West. As I have been saying for the last ten years, whites only accept a black who has no original thought, one who can not formulate their own theory, one who does not take the discipline further. That person 'fits', once you formulate own theories, advance the discipline, one is taken as a threat in the Western mind, a competitor. Yet the same Western mind will say global village let us all contribute. Outside is the lie, inside the real, do not think, we have thought for you. Dambisa has absolutely no original thought, she takes economics not even one step forward, but she takes politics a long way. Do not get me wrong, I am a fan, but for different reasons.

They talk of Africa being investor friendly. How much more investor friendly can a continent be. In Nigeria Shell has been allowed to make profit on the blood of people, hundreds of mining companies in Africa in cohorts with the puppet governments pay low wages, 2 dollars, 5 dollars a day, In Canada they would pay 25 dollars an hour. How more friendly can one get, giving you blood. That is part of the solution but not the whole, knowledge is the full catalyst, because we have bothered to understand the properties of knowledge, at a level that whites did not bother, they never bothered to look at the properties of knowledge, they assumed they where given. Now because they had not bothered, they could not be quoted, and that raises worry, that actually all are human. It seems nobody has anything against whites, it is whites who are against the world. 

There is a lot I obviously do not agree with, aid should be cut of not for economic reasons but for moral, Aid from the West only goes to those that support a Western Agenda, it is not helpful, those who support an African agenda will not receive the aide, think Mobuto, now they pretend, they fight anything progressive in the black community, but nobody knows why?

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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