Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Khumalo Derivative Vs Imperialism

One can see general calculus especially concerning the derivative of polynomials is not accurate. For instance one is taught that the derivative for Y = X2 is 2X, the Khumalo derivative says it is 2X -1. The derivative for X3 is 3X2, the Khumalo derivative says it is 3X2 – 3X + 1. The Khumalo derivative of course being more accurate, being dead on rather than more accurate.

The Westerner of course will rather prefer to promote the idea that for example the derivative for X3 is 3X2, rather than the dead on version that it is 3X2 – 3X + 1, because a black man discovered it. Of course this is expected they scream why you discover it, why not use what we taught you, you a black, an inferior, how dare you think for yourself, we the white man must think for you, for an orderly world. If you are black let us think for you and we will make you, think for yourself, and we must break you.

We have the best institutions, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, how dare you be more accurate than them, these are the guiding lights of the world, a world we must rule. Now if everybody is thinking our illusion will not hold, it must hold, you want to think for yourself, you must learn to serve us, serve our tee, clean after us, or work for our interests, that is the mind of the Western intellectual the intellectual defender of the Western Civilization.

The world civilization of course must not be foolish, they must progress against all Western white ill will. Because the Indian, Chinese, Black in the Western world is evil, so to speak. The world will not serve you, the world will be free from your tentacles, because you are evil beyond repair. Look at Iraq, it will never ever recover from the Western attack, a civilization that should be in the space age brought down because the West could bring it down. China and India they have to cooperate, if they could the white Westerner would not hesitate to bring them down, why, only God knows, they must have a heavy guilt to feel everything is a threat.

The Khumalo derivative is the correct version, do not be fooled by evil. Now of course there are good whites, but in a culture where money is everything, no matter how that money is made, not too many are moral, very few and far between, envy builds unhealthy competition, that is the Western mind. Watch that insider Trump’s shows, they encourage backstabbing. Trump broke hundreds of times but because he is an insider he knows the skills of manipulation and the banks are always there to help up one of their own, finally the market collapsed and they needed money from the State. Not talent, connection. But no connection or envy will ever make the derivative of X3 into 3X2, it is 3X2 – 3X + 1, even if at Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Paris, Berlin, Toronto insist it is.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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