Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Russia Desires to Partner Africa

Medvedev, Russian President is going to Africa, and as usual the BBC tries to put an evil spin on it. This is because the West wants to depict that only they do good for the Black African when history has proved otherwise. Being young one might believe this but the soul of a Westerner is the need to keep and show blacks as a helpless people without guidance of a white man. Africa has given the west free reign and received nothing but scorn.

Therefore whilst Canadian companies make billions of dollars in Africa, the Canadian and Western elite want to keep the picture of a helpless black man. Think about it, people have got publicity for far less than showing the derivative is wrong, Canadian and Western journals however can not accept that a black African who never went to their institutions did it, because it means that blacks are not helpless.

Keeping a lid on everything, Obama says Iran is blaming the west for its problems will not work must himself realize, that it is the West that tries to be the guardians of knowledge and crush attempt to crush anything that represents individual thought that will soon no longer work on the world. Trying to crush the individuality of the world, only a white can think is what the world must understand is the Western trick that they keep trying.

The Russians offer far more than the West no matter what the televisions say, a Westerner is driven by envy, a black Westerner driven by trying to be white and doing what whites desire to be accepted by them, not having individual thought but white thought therefore waiting for a white for the solution. The West is the heart of the mob, they want you to throw away your individuality and conform, therefore as a nigger, you should not be correcting the derivative, like a good nigger one should wait for a white to see the problem and find the solution. Like a good nigger quote whites, and do not think.

For those who can Russian business and Chinese business will always be better, at least they will allow you to think and find solutions, a Westerner can not accept a nigger thinking, especially better than them. A British would rather die, Canadians just say no, the American journal editor told says it is not yet time for that, meaning it is not yet time for blacks to be correcting the derivative. He actually had the guts to say it is not time, time is when a white chooses, but the white will run around screaming individual, individual, when the white is and can only act as a Mob, must ‘fit’ into the mob. There are no individual rights, they use this as a lie to subvert other cultures.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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