Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mark Sanford's Not So Disgraceful Affair

One can almost laugh at how the media is covering Mark Sanford's affair. Why do people pretend to be inhuman? They say it is some kind of moral standard. Here are people who are so plastic, as fake as they come, pretending to be some kind of moral. I actually do not see the big deal, the question is and should only be, did this man from South Carolina do his job well, did he represent his people, if the question is yes, then this fakeness of pretending to be something one is not should stop. Civilains are dying everyday in Afghanistan, killed by Americans, in Iraq, all over the cold war, yet some guys want the world to believe these are holy good people. You are not holy and neither are you good.


At least the man was not going to a whore house. Sure he loved his wife and kids, that has nothing to do with it and everybody knows that, it is just fakeness. If the man did his job well, then he did what he was elected for, he has done nothing wrong, not in the eyes of real human beings, not in the eyes of grown ups. And I will never regret saying this. Having an affair has nothing to do with not loving your wife or kids and everybody knows that, please stop being so fake, has the man done his job or not. These are the same guys saying religion is nothing then falling head over heals for nothing.


Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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