Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bill Gates Speaks out on Meet the Press

Today I had the good fortune to watch meet the press on MSNBC and listen to Bill Gates and his wife discuss their foundation the Bill and Melinda Foundation. They are doing great works around the world, using their own personal money to provide vaccinations and education for less well of societies.

Something caught my attention because I was thinking maybe that is not the priority, fixing the politics and letting people do should be the priority but Bill Gates and Melinda are not from those societies, because there is a mess people are sick, all they can do is alleviate a problem caused by crazy politics. Honesty what would I or anybody else expect from them.

Do not tell me they have some ulterior motive, they can not because should Zimbabwe improve or not, or Sri Lanka, or Rwanda, what does Microsoft really gain, Bill Gates will be dead, they have no motive, maybe in 30 years when they are dead and technocrats and lobbyist take over then they will have an ulterior motive. Be grateful, healthy people can gather knowledge, let them use their knowledge.

Of great interest is how Bill Gates defended capitalism, he does not spit at the system that allowed him to be, how we should all as humanity allow people to be, those who can innovate let them. He has given his money away without a gun being pointed to his head. Point a gun to his head and he will find ingenious ways to hide that very money you want to loot.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo



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