Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Myth of Apple and Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs provides better products through Apple but was beaten by Micro – soft in a grueling but unfair battle, so goes the myth.

I once bought an Apple lap top, three weeks after the expiry of its warranty it broke down, this was after a year and three weeks, the whole hard drive crashed and left me worried with all my data. Bad luck, these things happen.

Recently I bought an iphone, I can not download anything even free down loads without giving Apple my information through their apple stores. Yet people with other phones have millions of downloads available for free without having to divulge their information. I already regret having the iphone, considering it was free through the so called contract, I should have got myself a better phone like HTC or Samsung rather than go through this hell. Every time you go to a new computer it wants to delete all your stuff, Steve Jobs was junk from the beginning he will be junk at the end with liars backing him, no more Apple for me.

Finally it has sunk in, nobody cheated Steve Jobs, he is a man of hype with his loyal legions, I will not fall for the trap again and the myth of hype he has created around himself.

The desktop I have is 6 years old and only now is it giving me problems, is apple really better than Microsoft, or is it just a myth. My experience is it is a myth based on a hoax. Iphone probably will be Apples last money spinner because of the hype built around it, I believe googles droid will perform better, I am not a great fan of google as those who read my site will know, they do not acknowledge blacks but they have good products.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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