Monday, August 30, 2010

Alvin Greene South Carolina, US Senate Race

You have to love Alvine Greene, a man who smacks the truth right out, flawless arguments, he is running for the democratic senate sit for South Carolina.

To quote from the Huffington post, "I will vote for any law and propose any measure to keep jobs in my state of South Carolina. I will vote for huge tariffs, and, if necessary, vote to ban imports of foreign goods. Millionaire egghead politicians in the pocket of big business talk about "free trade" - and let all of your jobs get shipped overseas. No more free trade. Your job is not going to Indonesia."

Here he has it wrong, it is not free trade that is destructive, it is the export of jobs, trade is not about moving jobs, but goods, the export of jobs should be banned, no imports from subsidiaries, this is destroying the world, because the world does not have time to adapt. fair if Indonesia has knowledge to make great toothpaste they have the right to export it, but for Colgate Palmolive to set up shop in Indonesia to re export to US is destructive, if they can not make it cheaply in USA, they should invest in other things or make the toothpaste better, honestly, balanced growth is what the world needs, not destructive growth were others suffer for others, I say again, I do not believe in others suffering for me, if these American corporations can do that to their own, imagine what they would do to those not of their own, grow up, quarterly profits are great, but ever increasing quarterly profits has led to export of jobs.

Greene should understand that, it is not trade that has caused this destruction, it is wrong economics from Chicago school of economics in the sponsorship of big capital. Their economics was all wrong, it always was, they became arrogant because they got media attention because they only talked about business, never the full economic cycle that includes people who actually buy the goods.

The Chicago school and the other so called ivy league only considered one side, cut costs, not realizing that people need money to buy those goods, it was right now to be clearly understood, PHONEY ECONOMICS, no intention of saving the world only finding how to squeeze.

Those in the Democratic Party who like the Republicans are sponsored by big business, people like Jim Clyburn obviously will hate Alvin Greene, that is life.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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