Monday, August 30, 2010

Education and American System

Just been watching CNN talking about America falling further behind in education and test scores compared to other OECD countries.

One teacher had an interesting thing to say, the kids are unruly, threatening teachers sometimes physically, how do you teach, the problem starts at home. Then the CNN education expert Steve Perry blamed the teachers.

No way, the teachers are not to blame, if kids are unruly they can not be taught, it is as simple as that. The law says do not discipline the kids, well that is what you get, parents can not spank kids, teachers can not, well the kid will do what they like.

This is part of the wider systematic way of controlling America by a few evil clicks, people with no education can not think for themselves, they will be slaves to every wind that blows, easier to control. It is part of the dumbing down of America and North America in general. Take the parents authority, and the authority reverts to the state.

These unruly kids will learn when they are in jail they should have listened to the teachers instead of taking it as a joke, it is not the teachers fault, it is the systems, Steve Perry should not blame the teachers, what time does he think a teacher has to be begging kids to learn, when their parents send them to school they should know what their kids are going to school for.

If parents have one child they will spoil that kid, then expect the teacher to spoil 30 kids, nonsense, have more children and stop spoiling the kids, giving them everything they want, what shear madness. It is this entitlement that allows whites to think that every idea comes from them, entitled to every-bodies ideas because they are spoilt brats, from the heads of Google, to the little brat in kindergarten, spoilt brats. Steve Perry a black man has the audacity to blame teachers, all to remove blame from the home to somebody else, grow up,

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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