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Science, dimensions, particles, bigotry

One can not imagine any other direction in science but to begin the understanding of dimensions, that is the next step towards the understanding of our universe. That is the new frontier, it is just the way things turned out, the basic tools to understand what will be happening in dimensions have arrived just as the study of particles is being exhausted. Once again humans should be humbled by new knowledge, how can a scientific mind be so arrogant as to even mention a final theory, a theory of everything, that is the sign of a delusional mind spreading illusions of wisdom and a better mind. Arrogance leads to what is generally accepted as bad human characteristics such as bigotry, racism, and other bad traits separating humanity. Science requires the greatest humility, humility of the mind. Humanity is on the verge of entering space, what is out there, we need humility.
Many feel that we have gone as far as necessary in our understanding of particles. The basic concepts can even be understood by layman like an economist. Though so much is understood about particles, we can not say humans know everything about particles even just in our three dimensional existence. New thought rarely comes from insiders, insiders are busy outdoing each other with fancier and fancier thoughts on the same subject. They can not see outside their training, outside their PH D's, outside their fancy institutions hotbeds of cultural, mental, and propaganda bigotry, thus cannot see outside their world. Understanding the universe is far from complete, look at it from another angle, that angle is now dimensions.
The Khumalo derivative as best illustrated in the papers "the concept of the mathematical infinity and economics," as well as "the derivative of three dimensional variables." It is in these two papers that the logic is presented and proved by the existence of the Khumalo derivative. It is the beginning of understanding what is going on inside different spatial dimensions the dynamics over and above geometrical considerations. Those too quick to judge the Khumalo derivative as unnecessary accuracy have completely misunderstood the logic behind the mathematics, it is about dimensions and that every dimension has different rules affecting mathematics, not about petty thinking refusing to see the reality in front of them, just refusing that mathematics not race or institutions is the language of science.
Dimensions can never be understood without the chain of logic that led to the discovery of the Khumalo derivative. The Khumalo derivative represents a massive concept. It means all higher mathematical relationships behave differently at different dimensions. It means the great concepts developed by the likes of Planck, Einstein, Lisa Meitner, Wang Ganchang, Higgs, Satyendra Bose, and many others including modern stars like Glauber, Perlmutter and Schmidt. All these principles developed must be changed in a manner that is logically consistent with the Khumalo derivative, that is what those that understand know, those quick to judge talking about something to do with accuracy, though a good mind prefers 4 as the answer to the question of what is 2 + 2 rather than 3.9999 though 3.99999 is close enough. Every development that will ever take place in the study of dimensions every proof will owe its existence to the logic that led to the discovery of the said derivative.
Such is the present dispensation of the powers that be in that community that the idea of delving into the study of dimensions is gaining traction the mind that has brought the mathematics, the tools to understand dimensions is barred from even writing an editorial piece for a popular science magazine to share the discovery with the world, it seems the scientific community, the original defenders of bigotry using pseudo scientific methodology to defend bigotry to make money, blacks are no better than chimpanzees just a gimmick to justify plunder and murder to make money. The fact that Khumalo derivative is true spoils the lie, others why attempt to hide it. Pick any popular science magazine, if a white finds another way to say 2 + 2 = 4, it is readily acknowledged, yet the mathematical and logical foundations for understanding dimensions is refused in popular science magazines for the sake of spite.
But then again reality is white press if it was moral would allow mention of the Khumalo derivative but the elite believe blacks must be presented of not being able to conceptualize original ideas especially in physics, the understanding of existence. Racism is something to be expected everywhere from dealing with the police officer to dealing with the brightest minds, they are the same community. But the black press is a bigger let down to the black mind. They have truly neglected their duty, they behave like they are not owned by blacks even though calling themselves the activist press promoting and protecting black issues. Of what use are they if their role does not including the black mind into the future, surely a page on science and technology written by blacks, being bogged down by realities of victimization purposefully destroying the future as if news from Chicago is not bad enough, as if Boko Harem is not evil enough destroying the now.
You can't do more than discover the foundations of a sub discipline in science, discovering a new particle no matter how fantastic is part of the discipline of particle physics. The reality of the Khumalo derivative is that it is the foundation of mathematically understanding mathematical behavior in different dimensions understanding dimensions scientifically. They have already started searching for dimensions in their gigantic particle accelerators.
That is why there needs to be a free markets, this kind of fascist control is bad, well great for those being privileged but burdensome on the victims. But if scientists find it difficult for mathematics to be the language of science, why should economists believe in the forces of supply and demand, why should philosophers believe in liberty to be freedom, everyone has a right to be deceitful.
Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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