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Time, dimensions, and Future

Out of curiosity I posted the last article "science, dimensions. particles, bigotry" on social media, got some replies from google +. Sometimes its our way, so decided to read, one particular chap decided to be very loud and try to be a teacher, they all think they are teachers to those they believe they should know more than, but that is how we improve, be human, and the super human always wants to show how more human they are, but that is how we learn, they never learn, they like all the empires that came before can't listen, it is ingrained in them through the cultures they all adopt.

This scientists name who attacked the maths was a Daniel Ketterer, shame, he obviously never read the papers how everything was painstakingly worked out, and by the way, in all papers it is shown clearly how everything is worked out the old fashioned way, with a pen, a paper, and a calculator, out of desperation he said somehow it is copied, when it is there for the whole world to see how I got to the khumalo derivative step by step, you have no choice but to feel sorry for these people, as they try to claim everything. Copied the binomial theorem, but world will read it for itself, scientists read fully before attacking, they look only to attack, to show they know more.

But his vicious attacks where helpful, for a split minute I had some self doubt, but I realized this is their way, to take self confidence. I decided to think back to the beginning. There was a time I did not understand why knowledge behaves as a variable interchanging between infinite and three dimensions. I left the subject and decided to think like somebody who thought outside the box, why not Einstein, decided to use his logic, I found his concept of time fascinating, he thought outside the box, so to get to think outside the box I decided to write a paper, "The variable time: crucial to understand knowledge economics."

This paper opened my mind to thinking outside the box. Immediately old concepts dropped out of my head. Think about the concept of developed and developing societies, why developed, one thinking straight would believe all societies are developing, surely none has reached its peak in understanding the universe, this affects the mind set one is teacher, one is student. Anyhow, concepts of some countries ahead and others behind, tis brings about notion of time, implying in backward societies time does not move, even when watching natural geographic and a primitive society is discovered in the amazon, they say time has stood still.

But we in reality what has happened is that in so called primitive societies, time is moving fast and in advanced countries time is moving slower, we can know this immediately by understanding what happens when time slows, you get to do more work per unit of time, more work has been done in economically more developed countries.

Having finished the paper I immediately realized that the cause of the particular behaviour of knowledge is dimensions, at times it behaves like a variable with infinite dimensions and at other times it behaves like a variable with three dimensions. One then quickly realizes that at higher dimensions the derivative for the same function is different. Incredible. If a particle can be at 2 places at once, the universe has many more paradoxes to solve. At first I thought Newton and Leibniz had been completely wrong, before realizing they are completely right but their derivative belongs to a one dimensional variable. Very ashamed and feeling very foolish for not having realized this and gloating to myself how I have corrected Newton.

The key for the khumalo derivative being correct was it had to be smaller than Newton's derivative, it was. The logic was correct to attempt to create this derivative that is new, as it was forbidden maths for hundreds of years to try to create discrete but continuous functions. A function was either discrete or continuous. That it turned out similar, and similar is key word, as binomial distribution is a huge coincidence, that is why all the working outs are painstakingly shown. Similar because khumalo derivative includes negative and positive integers.

What the loud and boisterous do not understand is that the khumalo derivative is a minor issue compared to the fact of mathematics behaving differently at every dimension. Transdimensional mathematics is the adjustments that must be made to accommodate changing dimensions on the same function. The higher the dimension the smaller the derivative becomes at infinite dimensions it is zero. The higher the dimension the larger the integral until at infinite dimensions integral is infinity. This theorem is collaborated by the behaviour of knowledge, and I was the first human to point this crucial fact out, that can never ever be taken from me, and that is a massive concept, it is the entire future of physics. Tell me it is not.

This, Daniel Ketterer, helped in myself going back to the beginning. I will now say another first, remembering that paper on time and economics that led to moment when I realized knowledge's behaviour is about dimensions, the only option is only road, I realized there is another unusual variable time, I had showed it in economics, but completely missed the ball that dimensions and time can go together, I found them together, how stupid could I be. Of course, time is a variable that slows down, it has been proven. At significant time dilation you are entering another dimension, I am convinced of it, time is slowing, you can do more work, but crucially, if time stands still, with same effort you are doing so much, more work done, at that point is a human still in this three dimensional plane, or are they in another higher dimension in the material realm. You will find more proves at dimensions when you witness significant time dilation. Another first. Don't cry, just say everybody is a human being.

The funny thing I thought this was merely a battle of the khumalo derivative, I have just realized it is about something far bigger, in their minds they are saying as leaders of thought in their societies, that how on earth can we let a struggling villager be known as the founder of the basic principles of mathematics in the study of dimensions, he has not envied our hundreds of millions and billions to do his own thing as a villager, and then he does this, not just a villager, the study of dimensions itself where the absurd will be normal as we will have the tools to look into them, and we did not teach him, he read. Science is great. The age of stale ideas is gone, get out of humanities way.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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