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Information, gravity, quantum mechanics

D. Sharon Pruitt

Information is everything. It can be said with great confidence that in the beginning, before protons, electrons, higgs boson, before anything there was information. No scientist worth his reputation would dare argue with this. Watching 4 worthy scientists discussing information you get no doubt about the importance of information. A video worth watching entitled physics of information, the panel consisted of Dr. Chris Fuchs, Dr. Tony Leggett, Dr. Seth Lloyd, and Dr. Leonard Suskind.

Before going of their divergent paths all agree that information is fundamental in understanding the universe. Tiny differences in expressing the same thing leads to what at the end is divergent views. Take for example that Dr. Seth Lloyd believes that basically information is everything and the universe is always computing. Dr Suskind believes information is everything you need to know about a system that you can predict what happens next. This is not different from what Lloyd is saying, in reality it is the same, this little difference leading to deeper divisions as each presented their arguments.

Dr Tony Leggett made a very insightful thought, information has to be about something and it has to be embodied. All information has to be embodied what differs is how it is embodied, it can be embodied in a map for example. Suskind to exception to this statement and pointed out that maps can be different the true relationship between cities of Windsor and Kitchener is out there on the earth. Great point but one feels he is missing question of embodiment, even out there, relationship between Kitchener and Windsor is embodied on the earth. If it is known it is embodied in the mind through the brain cells.

Information is key to understanding and explaining the universe in its most simplest terms. However, there is always some disagreement, take Adrian Ferent in his video Faster than the speed of light he declares that "in the beginning was the graviton." He cannot be far if everything is to make sense when accepting the idea that everything is just information, quantum bits so to say.

On LinkedIn,  a Laurent R Duchesne posted some interesting comments about gravity, incidentally allowing this article to take form as gravity is always a difficult question. He posted a video link entitled On Quantum Gravity and the section he posted was of Andy Parker of the Atlas project revealing his thoughts about gravity. "Why is gravity so weak? One possible explanation is that it is not actually weak, it is just as strong as the other forces but we are missing part of it. Gravity is leaking into the extra dimensions, so when we calculate the strength of gravity we are only seeing the piece in the 3d.

Parker and Ferent are both correct in implying the power of gravity. Parker's insights of course led him to believe that gravity is probably as strong as the other forces but it is leaking into other dimensions. Possibly gravity does not need an extra fourth dimension to make the mathematics look tidier and neater, why can we not look at information, the question of information density, and then see how powerful gravity truly is, and a clue to the simplest and best explanation of information.
Information can be understood as the instructions that finally lead to stable particles in the third dimension. A lot of information goes into creating a stable particle as can be seen in colliders. If we are looking for gravitons in colliders, it must mean we believe that gravity is an information package in every particle, and has no mass.

Information creates particles, then particles become the information. A particle is therefore merely an information package. The same information packages having the same properties. What do we witness in colliders? We witness information packages breaking up revealing yet more information. A mistake that we are all making is believing a particle has information in it, the particle is the information. More complex particles of course themselves having information in them.

The original information is a basic particle containing nothing. Its only information was exist. This basic information for us to feel solid matter must mean this basic information had one command exist and there must have been a strong attraction for us to end up with strings. This attraction force has to be the original gravity. Exist must then be calculated to mean join, be attracted. This information package is then distributed in a random distribution package and we get variance in strings. Incidentally this basic information with just the command exist is the original measurement. Using it as a standard would make all else discrete, therefore if Planck Length is correct it measures and is basic unit of length and makes all other measures discrete, if not, then Planck Length might not be measuring, exist, gravity.

To exist in the 3rd dimension information has to have higher density than to exist in lower dimensions. As a rule we can deduce that the higher the dimension the more dense the information has to be. By information density we mean the amount of information in the package. The higgs boson for example is not information dense enough to exist on its own in the third dimension, its package must be included with other packages to create a larger package to get enough density in the form of larger heavier particles like photons, neutrons, and electrons, need more attraction to survive in 3rd dimension.

Basic information is at the smallest end of one dimensional, the command exist can be considered zero dimensional, the only information occupying the zero dimensional space, it literally takes no space, but it takes space. Existence best means joining with other particles creating one dimensional strings of varying lengths. This variety in length due to different amounts of identical information is what theoretically gives string theory a strength. Different size strings are what gives us variety, variety starts in the 1st dimension. These different lengths represent different instructions.

Thanks to attraction strings banding together create our quantum field, formless matter. What has occurred is that exist is still information but is now competing with other information for. Compete of course is the wrong world, forces in nature do not compete, correct sentence is exist the basic information is now collaborating with other information as survival has been ensured. Gravity is at its strongest in one dimension, the most basic information is most stable at zero dimension, but is not dense enough to become stable at one dimension it must join with other information. Exist and gravity seem and can be considered the same thing. Gravity holds everything together. The original information exist is everything. At the end, every particle is made of different arrangements of this basic information.

String theories gift to understanding this information is that different length of strings are different amounts of basic command exist.

Things become more clear with some thinking. It is easy for example to make the mistake because somehow it makes more sense to believe that information acts on particles, on formless matter to create matter, not realizing matter and formless matter are just information themselves. Enough strings create a 2 dimensional field. The variety increases in 2d, the information becomes more dense, other forces help gravity to keep everything together, these other forces are a result of variety and will themselves help create variety.

It is in the upper spectrum of the 2d field that we have enough information density to create what we consider solid matter. It is correct to talk in terms of spectrum, in 3rd dimension lower end of spectrum is just stable particles and upper end of spectrum is complex matter. In one dimension lower end is the single information, and upper end is the string. Lower end of 2d spectrum is 2 strings upper end is complex formless matter almost having enough information density to become 3d information package, particles. The more complex the information the weaker gravity seems to get. It does not get weaker, it remains holding everything together at the most basic level, it seems to be getting weaker because new forces are arising. It is not that gravity is leaking to a 4th dimension, a 4th dimension must be information more dense than a third dimension and more complex. Gravity is a force originating from the simplest information, it seems weaker and weaker as one goes higher in dimensions because there are other forces complementing it to hold together more complex information packages.

We end up perceiving that these forces like the nuclear force, electromagnetic force as stronger than gravity when in actual fact would not exist without gravity. They are forces of the 3rd dimension, gravity is from much lower dimensions
This  information gains variety as a means of an algorithm, if this then that. To make useful sense, at 1 dimension as not a lot of information, the area is however information rich, information has more freedom and is less concentrated as information packages are smaller.
The idea of information density can be tested. Take a an entangled particle, place on in isolation the other in a condition where it has desire to react. What happens, does the particle that is alone behave as if it has reacted as well. What about the other particle, how does it react in reactive conditions when action is taken upon the single particle. There must be a point for the particle in a reactive situation to behave with the system, but entanglement is not broken, just overwhelmed with information.

It is not that the force of geography is weak, it just relatively gets less and less with each dimension. There is gravity when there is no energy, no mass. We could put a mathematical expression but there is no need.

Entanglement is allowed to occur because information for a string must be consistent from top to bottom. Even if a string is stretched to the ends of the universe, information must remain the same at either end, and as such entanglement is instantaneous. Entanglement means the 1 dimensional phenomenon exist with us.  Entanglement has to do with information in relation between two related information packages. Does it concern the destruction of information packages?

It we took 2 entangled particles and smashed one in a collider what happens to the other.  It seems it will survive and entanglement will remain across time according to a recent experiment in Israel.

There are no shortcuts of course in any discipline, we must think long and hard at a discipline. Chris Fuchs for example believes that information is what we know. No, there is a lot more information than what we know, Chris Fuchs is talking about knowledge, though similar knowledge deals with what we know, and anybody who understands this article even if they disagree will understand the paper Point X and the economics of knowledge. Knowledge is information known to humanity in a crude sense.

Some Thoughts

Why this assumption that gravity leaks into a 4th dimension, why not all the other particles. That is taking string theory to epicycles conclusion.  It is agreed the graviton can not have mass. Heavier particles are unstable, it is expected that gravity alone is not enough information to be stable, it must remain as a packet of information basically in one dimension and probably not too stable at 2 dimensions either. No it does not disappear into 4th dimension, like any other unstable particle, pack of information it returns to where it is stable.

What is unstable in this dimension has no chance in 4th dimension. The 4th dimension the information is even more dense than in the third dimension. The 4th dimension has forces we have no clue about that come to the aide of such forces as electromagnetic, and nuclear to stabilize that dimension. In 4th dimension, a force like the electromagnetic force will seem weaker. Gravity will be felt as much weaker in the 4th dimension than it is in the 3rd dimension.

When looking at information what matters is the package, as each piece of information is independent from the other, it exists because information has been ordered in that manner by means of a random distribution. It does not matter what information comes first, all that matters is the final package of information. 

We know from looking at knowledge having given it a unit, that the rate of change decreases the higher the dimensions, meaning it increases the lower the dimension. Approaching zero dimensions rate of change is faster than the the information, instantaneous, way faster than speed light can ever achieve. This instantaneous comes out in entanglement, dealing with free information. Similar to infinite dimension, but in infinite dimensions it is instantaneous concerning velocity of a single information pack, complex information packs.

Information density is key to understanding how information works and how dimensions are separated. They are separated by the density of information. The boundary has area as it can be seen by the fact that unstable particles, information packs return to the second dimension, but for some time they exist in this dimension by the fact that for a brief moment we can measure them. That we have identified the higgs boson is because we have banged at the boundaries of dimensions in the lower end of dimensions
It is possible that there are many different particles that are there at the beginning and gravity is just one of them dealing with the coming together, but this is unlikely, it makes more logic for there to be the original information pack we have called exist and somehow coming together creates a better existence, more diverse, maybe the original command is diversify, that would mean that gravity aids in diversity.

Hopefully, we will realize string theory is wonderful up to one dimension, it somehow does not seem to fit anything greater. If adding dimensions somehow solves problems, it does not help with gravity. If gravity is unstable in a 3 dimensional environment, it is impossible for it to survive in 4th dimension. A graviton if ever discovered in colliders like all other unstable information packages returns to where it is most stable, it leaks back to the lower dimensions like all the other unstable particles.  

Some questions from the Web (added 36 hours after first posting) Added because very important and points must be made clear

The question of embodiment.

If information precedes everything in what manner is it embodied - A particle is information, it is a set of instructions and it follows those instructions, information is embodied.
Let us just look at our 3 dimensional existence, a particle precedes everything, better to say particles precede everything. Particles are just information, so information in our 3 dimensional existence precedes everything by the very fact that particles precede everything, embodied information precedes everything. A particle is just an information package.
With modern colliders we have seen that particles can be broken even further when they smash. That information package can therefore be broken up, into smaller packages that are unstable in the 3 dimension, but stable in lower dimensions, in this case the 2 dimensional field. The 2 dimensional field provides stability for information of less complex format, less information dense. This information is bound in 2 dimensional "particles"/ phenomenon, it is embodied.
2 dimensional field coming from 1 dimensional strings, they must be of limited length, information is finite.The information is embodied in the strings and is the strings.

It is correct to say information precedes everything and it is embodied.
What is the information about - well I would guess about existence, from simple existence to very complex existence that can try and study itself as well as its surroundings like mankind. From trillions upon trillions upon trillions of identical information bits, the original command exist, to strings of different lengths to give variety. If all strings are of equal length then there could never be variety. Perhaps it would be better to say equal property rather than length.
no contradiction. It is easy to believe that information is in the particle because of the way it is illustrated like a sphere a particle, surely a sphere has information in it. No the particle is the information.
More complex particles of course themselves having more information in them. I can see what immediately looks like a contradiction, but I am trying to stress the point that particles are just bundles of information like smashing particles together we see the information bundles making up the particle momentarily appear. Maybe would have been more clear by saying more complex particles being larger information packages, larger as information package, the particle, is a set of smaller packages of information, a set of smaller particles.

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Nikola Milovic said...

Gravity is not what today's science "as a blind chicken grain of wheat" watching. .Gravitacija The unbalanced state between matter and ether from which matter is formed. This force is similar cohesive force between liquid droplets and okoline.Tako gravity is the force that tends to matter back to the initial state-in the form of ether, from which matter is formed.
All other theories are beyond logic and natural law.

Anonymous said...

Time will tell, this quantum world, who could believe this with out it being properly illustrated, it is possible that gravity is taking matter back to its original ether. Now, how did matter become matter from this ether.

Nikola Milovic said...

This question you asked in the forum theoretical physics, is a good question and it is necessary to discuss it, because today's science wanders with his vague intentions, on the border between the spiritual entity of the universe (SEU) and material and energy entity-COSMOS, which is " immersed "in the ether that fills the infinite universe.
I have been a member of the forum and discussant Theoretical Physics, until its owner has not made inquisitorial decision to ban the participation of me and all my discussion deletes.
Who do you think he is and whether he was really interested to learn what science is in her physics that studies the laws of nature, which is someone with over us, formed and gave us a chance to understand much more if we accept and understand that there is something above us. Such prohibitions are with us bringing single-minded regimes that have disappeared without a trace, but always refused to acknowledge the existence of something which is our people formed.
SEE on what the labor pains physics, when the passion to bear the truth, but he does not want to know anything about who is the creator of what it will bear. But, it seems, with such "midwives" such as owners of Theoretical Physics, can give birth just a freak generation after us will turn to the direction of truth and consciousness that we are, only, is introduced in the domain Spirituality universe, where everything is clear and logical.
And these tycoons will, soon, come to mind, because there in nothing of eternity, except those in the spiritual entity of the universe.

Anonymous said... -

Bhekuzulu Khumalo said...

@Nikola Milovic the truth will reveal itself. What more can I say.

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